Saturday, January 01, 2005

New year, new look, same obsessions.

John Mayer Watch 2005!

John will be appearing on Country Music Television's Crossroads, 8 and 11pm EST.

John Mayer
“A Benefit for Broadway”
Hirschfeld Theater | 302 West 45th Street | NYC
7 – 8:30 p.m. | 4A
Be there when the two-time Grammy-winning musician John Mayer meets Jon Pareles, the chief pop music critic of The New York Times. You won’t want to miss this special evening featuring an exciting discussion between the musician and the critic and selected music. And it’s all to benefit The Actors’ Fund Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic and MusiCares Foundation … a great cause and a gala finale for The New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend 2005. (from NY Times)
Reserve Seats: $100

The three best songs off of 2003's Heavier Things: "Clarity," "Bigger Than My Body" and "Split Screen Sadness," can be heard in their entirety on his website. Listen without prejudice. If you checked out my last Stypod spot you would have heard "Home Life," the 4th best track on the album. I'm guessing you didn't. I'm also guessing that John will be CEO of Columbia Records, guest host for David Letterman, editor of Da Capo Best Music Writing 2005 and the guy most likely to have left that used condom on top of your and/or your girlfriend's dresser by Dec 2005. John Mayer pwns all.

(Anthony Is Right, while totally on Mayer's jock, did not condone John Mayer: Blues, a two-night performance of "classic blues" at Webster Hall on December 28th & 29th. I would prefer not to think about what hell that must have been to witness.)

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