Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Beck's "Hell Yeah" is all over the net (I've listened to both mixes - one's at Razorblade Runner) and, man, he has done nothing to contradict the rant* I wrote a year ago about why he's the most overrated artist I once worshipped. I'm curious if this single (if it is the first single) is going to flop as badly as it should or if there are enough true believers in his shtick to make it some kind of American Idiot comeback. I guess it depends how many hipsters have actually come to terms with hip-hop and realized how drab and blase his take can be (the song would be better if he just said "spaghetti" repeatedly). I'm preparing myself for an unpleasant surprise. I'll check out the album if we get it at the station, but I doubt sc!entology has inspired him to get more acidic.

*my in-site links are acting funky. Scroll down to the bottom after you hit that link if you want to read the Jan. 7 '04 Midnite Vultures review. It's one of the few reviews-with-ratings (sigh) on here I'm really happy with.

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