Saturday, January 22, 2005

Grant Morrison's run on the comic book Doom Patrol was a big part of my early teens. I actually had a note from my mom saying I was allowed to purchase Doom Patrol and Sandman despite their being "suggested for mature readers." My favorite muppet was Gonzo and in kindergarten I drew a snowman with his head in the middle, noting "I like this snowman because it is weird. I like things that are weird." A comic where a guy in a robot body, a hermaphrodite covered in bandages possessed by a spirit made of negative matter and a woman whose multiple personalities each had a different power fought Mr. Nobody & The Brotherhood Of Dada inside of a painting that eats cities understandably held tremendous appeal. I stopped paying attention to comics for the most part once Sandman ended, but I'm overjoyed to discover that Vertigo has finally released a second TPB of Doom Patrol issues. The first came out over a decade ago, so I'd say its about time. Thanks to Lacunae for name-dropping it.

Oh man, I haven't thought about the Quiz, who has every power you can't think of, in years. I might have to dig these out again.

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