Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Daft Punk, Human After All.

"Human After All": A 30 second tv theme song repeated 9 times. Followed by 30 seconds that could arguably be considered a climax.

"Prime Time Of Your Life": An Andrew Lloyd Webber hook repeated for a few minutes that turns into some glitches for a few minutes.

"Robot Rock": Kurtis Blow instrumental mix. I guarantee someone will make a great mash-up using this.

"Steam Machine": a half-decent IDM mp3 I'd find on somebody site except with somebody whispering "STEAM...MACHINE..." loudly over the mix.

"Make Love": A pretty little piano loop. For some reason I think this would mash-up well with the vocal of "Crazy Train" and turn into something like "My Immortal."

"Brainwasher": ironically opens with an "Iron Man" homage. Another pleasant ditty that won't sound interminable if you don't pay attention to it.

"On/Off": nine seconds long.

"TV Rules The Nation": Whodini minus the ill logic. Or a dope beat.

"Technologic": better than the Peaches songs it resembles.

"Emotion": the extended, extended intro to a disco version of "Tracks Of My Tears" that never comes.

That's it.

To anyone who puts this on their top ten list next December: you are a sucker.

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