Thursday, January 27, 2005

Music videos are a lot like meat, in the sense that I lack the discipline to remove it from my diet as much as I, and possibly the world, would benefit.

Following all the Best Of 2004 jazz, VH1 Classic has regained some of its appeal.

Rod Stewart, "Twisting The Night Away": While his face is blankly pleasant and noticeably devoid of enthusiasm, Rod's re-remake of this Sam Cooke number for the Innerspace soundtrack is solid mainstream cheese. Video features lots of random freaks dancing (nuns, boxers, bald women, hot dog salesmen, etc.) and Martin Short doing his Ed Grimley thing. Rod's hair kind of blends into the scenery, which is impressive.

Fleetwood Mac, "Seven Wonders": As I once said about Rod, I can understand why old schoolers are bothered by these past-prime commerce rockets, but once artists have made their classics and imbedded their vocal idiosyncrasies into our brains, pop professionalism can be plenty enjoyable. Helps that I was raised on late '80s VH1. Lindsey is one proud goofball (love the mascara). Did you hear about how he got fired from Mac in the '80s after putting his coat over his head and imitating Stevie while she was singing "Rhiannon" during a show in Australia? Is there footage of that somewhere?

Lou Reed, "I Love You Suzanne": Lou calls a girl to tell her that he can dance. We see footage of their relationship, which consists of him wearing sunglasses while watching TV, discussing art, laughing and taking her on Suzuki rides. They drift apart because he won't dance and another guy will. He watches TV by himself, wearing his sunglasses at night. She shows up at his concert, where Lou leaps from the stage and starts doing spins, splits, air-guitar and high-kicks. He wins her back.

Whip it on me, Jim!

Bruce Springsteen, "Tunnel Of Love": With Aerosmith and Rod Stewart I note that the canonical '70s albums were better but that their later work still has merit. With the Boss I say that his synth-pop tops everything that came before it. So much tighter and more mature. Ironically less gloppy than his classic rock stuff.

Bruce Springsteen, "Thunder Road (Live MTV Unplugged)" Oh, if Conor wasn't such a selfish, irresponsible twixter. Whatever happened to cornball chivalry?

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