Monday, January 03, 2005

Sugar Ray
"When It's Over"

I'll never get how someone could like the Beach Boys and hip-hop but not Sugar Ray.

Kid Rock
"American Badass"

*burp* I'm the shit.

Hot Hot Heat

Like I care what they really look like.

White Stripes
"Seven Nation Army"

You know that scene in the video where Jack holds out an open palm and shifts to the side? It's kind of weird, kind of hot. Like this song. Like this band.

Basement Jaxx feat. JC Chasez
"Plug It In"

One for me and one for the lady who's sitting in the rain with the tears running down running down her face. She can't see its a masquerade so I'll get this girl together and plug it in, plug it in, baby. *laser beam*

P.S. Timberlake is a dork.

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