Sunday, January 23, 2005

My favorite new video on Launch* is by a europop diva (Kylie Minogue's "I Believe In You") and the one I enjoy least is from a successful North American pop-punk group (Simple Plan's "Shut Up"). This is without precedent.

I've always hated Simple Plan, though. Their only value has been to give me someone to compare Good Charlotte to when people don't understand my affection. Play the videos for "Shut Up" (I'd get mad for Kelly O but she's done similar title lifts) and "I Just Wanna Live" back-to-back and you can't help but notice the cornucopia of musical riches and lyrical insights that the former lacks, let alone food costumes. I have to wonder if Simple Plan are as popular as they are because they refuse to budge from the generic mall-punk blueprint in any way. In a sense this makes them almost unique.

from ILX, re: Linkin Park...

"I used to think they were THE worst, lamest band out there, but then A Simple Plan and Good Charlotte broke... and Mr. Miccio likes ALL THREE 'O DEM!

That is a complete and total lie. This is what you get if you search posts from me with the word "Simple Plan" in them.

I'm happy to see Simple Plan get some hate

Simple Plan and Something Corporate seem incapable of not offending me

They don't come off as closet assholes like Simple Plan

The ass munchers in Simple Plan...

Simple Plan and New Found Glory do indeed suck.

Simple Plan's "I'l Do Anything" is indeed ass

So don't ever say that I like Simple Plan again, alright?

-- Anthony Miccio (anth...), January 24th, 2004."

I found this almost EXACTLY a year later. Another "coincidence," like the one in my post EXACTLY a week ago! What does it all mean (aside from that I have a tendency to repeat myself)?

*excepting Interpol's "Evil," which I first saw weeks ago.

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