Friday, September 24, 2004

Yo La Tengo, you packed us in like goddamn sardines and then played an unconscionable amount of ballads (there was a moment where I realized I was hearing "Pablo & Andrea" live almost nine years after I first heard the song and I forced myself to enjoy it, despite having so many fuckers who I've NEVER seen at a local show before bang into me - it's not my fault I'm 6' 4"!!!!). I should be a whiny bitch but Georgia's voice is gorgeous and it was great to tell Ira that it's his fault that for years I couldn't play a guitar solo without trying to do some "My Heart's Reflection"-style skronk shit. Thank you for coming to town.

Tegan & Sara for Stylus. They're coming to town but they're opening for Melissa Ferrick (ack) and probably not playing with a full band. I'll probably pass but you should NOT pass on the album. I don't care what audience they usually cater to, this is one sweet slice of catchy-as-hell pop-rock.

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