Thursday, September 23, 2004

Songs I'll yell for at the Swing State Yo La Tengo show tonight if I'm drunk enough (and haha I already am) - in descending order: Blue Line Swinger, Tom Courtenay, Emulsfied, Too Late, Mushroom Cloud Of Hiss, Orange Song, Barnaby Hardly Working, Sugarcube, Cherry Chapstick, SUPERPOWERLESS BY DUMP, Speeding Motorcycle, False Alarm, I Heard You Looking, Nowhere Near, Andalucia, The Evil That Men Do, INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT BY DUMP, COME ON PLAY SOME DUMP DUMP IS HERE LET DUMP PLAY SOMETHING, Blitzkrieg Bop (Wedding band version! I bought two tickets to this show as a wedding gift for William & Tara!), From A Motel 6, My Heart's Reflection, Down To The Bitter End, Flying Lesson (actually I'll probably scream for Flying Lesson before a lot of these), Out The Window, Demons, nothing from Summer Sun cuz frankly that album was kind of wack, Big Sky (though that would just remind me that Dave Schramm was at the last two shows but not this one), Moby Octopad, You Can Have It All, and oh man oh man oh man am I excited for this.

I got Electr-O-Pura based solely on reviews when I was 16 and it had a tremendous affect on me (here's what I wrote about the album a while back). Now I'm gonna get to see them at a BAR. Not a club, a BAR. They're getting rid of all the tables to fit all the fans in. Sweeeeet.

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