Thursday, September 30, 2004

While I still don't think anybody should say "I get all my news from the Daily Show" and be proud of it (read something, dinks), my love for Jon Stewart is at a possible all-time high. If you haven't seen this already, Jon kicked Bill O'Reilly's ass on O'Reilly's own court. This is second only to his William & Mary commencent speech in my Reasons Jon Stewart Rules Despite Being Yet Another Shticky Guy With A Talk Show.

You know who else rules? My sister. Read her Knee Jerk Notes On New Fiction piece over at the Morning News. It's hilarious, succint and proof that she's more cultured than me because all the books I read I have the word "rock" in the subject heading (plus I've usually already read them twice before). Check out some of her other pieces too. Claire Zulkey was a fan of her old blog and called her a "smart, snarky girl" in an interview. Zulkey doesn't know the half of it (snark-wise, at least). I couldn't be prouder. They've got her CARICATURE at the end of the article, for chrissakes! Though I'm disappointed she's not holding her chin.

The hype surrounding the Junior Boys' Last Exit is true. Ok, well I'm not sure what they're saying about it is correct (I don't remember anything other than that everybody loves it), but it's beautiful and definitely worth checking out.

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