Saturday, September 11, 2004

Thanks to my new DSL connection I'll probably be talking more often about new shit.

For some reason when I watch videos on Launch the video runs at a slower pace than the song. It's not choppy though (at work the feed often stops), so I don't mind. In fact it means I have something to look at without being quite so distracted from the song itself.

Haha last time Yellowcard hid their song of regret behind a video that mixed Groundhog Day with Tarantino. Their new single is a declaration of apology and devotion, the video is about a peace protest! Flowers in gun barrels! Jesus.

Just as Ghostface got all "fuck that, I DO wanna know if she's fucking around" when discussing the Mario Winans hit, I can't hear Snow Patrol's "Run" without getting all crabby about guys repeatedly screaming that they will always love you even after you dump them. The song does awaken that sentiment within me, but that Coldplay-style lurch really adds to the sense of drag-ass masochism this track has. Dry your eyes! The Used's "Taste Of Ink" from 2002 is a much better take on the subject: bouncy beat, more focus on the singer's sense of freedom and the line "As long as you're alive and care/ I promise I will take you there" sanely asks for a little reaffirmation that you want the schmuck around.

Nobody better hate on the Beasties after they see the "Triple Trouble" video. Beasties are for the children.

Not feeling: Los Lonely Boys' "Heaven" (Lobos doesn't move me either) and Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" (I'm not really into song about what the person doesn't do). Guess I'm not that old after all.

Billie Joe's guitar is back so yay for "American Idiot" (dude had it on mute for most of Warning). Now if only his lyrics would cohere. Second album in a row where the first single tries to dis the right, second time he's failed to come up with any damning zingers.

I'd like to thank the Scissor Sisters for reaffirming that I don't like EVERYTHING that's fucked up. I'm so glad I wasn't alive when Elton John was really huge.

To all my friends who love the Postal Service: Phil Collins cover. Made to sound like Sugar Ray only more turgid and twee. Josh Hartnett video. SUCKAS!

They kept the dog corpse in the "Y Control" TV edit! YAAAY!

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