Sunday, September 12, 2004

First songs I've bothered to download now that I can (Sticks McPhee's "Drinking Wine Spodyody" over at Tofu Hut would count if I could actually KEEP the track).

Dismemberment Plan, "Close To Me" (from the band's site)
Gang Starr, "Gotta Get Over (Remix)" (courtesy of Soul Sides)
Hot Snakes, "Hi-Lights" (preview track at Swami Records)
Invincibles, "Heart Full Of Love" (Soul Sides)
Lady Sovereign, "Ch-Ching" (found over at Fluxblog)
Lady Sovereign, "Sad Ass Strippa" (Punktum and NYLPM. Nathalie knows what time it is.)
Morrison, Travis "What's Your Fantasy?" (from his site)
Pickett, Wilson "I'm In Love" (Soul Sides)
Rose, Tim "I Got A Loneliness" (both Rose tracks from Mystical Beast)
Rose, Tim "I Gotta Do Things My Way"
Sebadoh, "Gimmie Indie Rock" (from Spoilt Victorian Child)
Touissant, Allen "Get Out, Woman" (Soul Sides)

I already have the Sebadoh track on tape, but I wanted a digital copy. The rest were revelations. All highly recommended.

The hate that Morrison's Luda cover has received is really sad. Joyless, puritan, conservative indie fucks need to die. All of 'em. His available originals were less obviously crucial, in part because I'm not used to hearing his songwriting and vocals without the D-Plan rhythm section (who look like clowns - have you seen the "Time Bomb" video? - but were key to the band's appeal). They're growing on me though, especially "Born In '72." Definitely looking forward to Travistan.

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