Friday, September 10, 2004

Reasons you should join me in playing Tyrannosaurus Hives a whole fucking lot.

1) "The main difference is that the last album said 'I am right' and this one says 'You are wrong.'" - Howlin' Pelle.

2) I wasn't so sure why the Hives were right last time. I'm much more sympathetic to the idea of us being wrong. Song after song pointing out ignorant assholes? Oh yeah.

3) The sound is very Devo and very Nuggets at the same time. Everybody's thinking about the latter already, but I think acknowledging the former is key to getting into the quirky groove here.

4) The shrillness that bothered me about Vini Vidi Vicious album is still present, but there's more separation between the elements. They can slow down without being totally parodic about it a la "Find Another Girl." I can tell what Pelle is yelling about more often, and there's more vocal hooks as well.

5) They're kind of like a Fall that isn't worried about being obvious.

6) "The theme [of this record] would be that people are idiots." - Howlin' Pelle.

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