Friday, September 10, 2004

It's been far too long since I've listened to the radio (haven't done it much since my walkman went kaput aside from the day I was moving from the old apt to Casa Del Manthony). I only know three songs in the top 10 well. I'm going to have to start playing it at home. I need to catch up.

"Breaking The Habit," the FIFTH single off of Linkin Park's TEN song album, is the no. 1 modern rock track. ALL the singles from the album hit no. 1 except "Faint" (ironically the best), which only made it to no. 2. This puts the album in the same status as Hysteria where it's basically an accidental Singles Going Steady: half A-sides, half B's. I should buy it already. Alice Cooper covering Depeche Mode while Vanilla Ice hops around in the background? Love it. "Breaking The Habit" is such a Postal Service song! Laptop rock has made it!

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