Saturday, September 04, 2004

Just watched the new video for "Back Of A Taxi" by Your Enemies Friends. I wasn't sure whether this qualified for my 2004 singles list (didn't the song first show up around 2003?) but if the video just came out now then I guess it does (might still make my top 10). Nu-wave at its most aggro (I need to buy that Fever album already, dammit).

My big problem with the video is their decision to do tons of overlapping images and noise effects while also making it clear that its just the band standing in a room. Had the images of the band been more divorced from reality (like the performance scenes from Superchunk's "The First Part"), or if it was a simple well-edited performance vid it would have worked, but as it stands the earthbound stuff makes the stylized moments hokey. Plus it's clear the lead singer is a little timid about pretending to sing without a mic (can't blame him).

I feel the need to point out that the female 2/5 of the band are mighty hot (one I call FIRE! one I call ICE!), but frankly it's more noteworthy when I don't find a woman in a good band hot (I really should try to pioneer some kind of boy-groupie network, or am I already too old to become the male Pamela Des Barres?).

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