Saturday, September 25, 2004

Dom and Edward's Top Ten Reasons Why Jay-Z Sucks for Stylus is pissing me off. Why should my Top Ten article next week have to follow something this exceptionally funny!?!?! It's not fair.

It's not the funniest thing I read last night, though. That would be Fred Durst's latest post on American Alien:

do you get it? do you really get it? some people were just born to get it and others just weren't. the ones that weren't have no idea what i just said and the ones that do understand completely. and so goes life in my mind.

The Chocolate Starfish is my man Fred DURST! God bless you, you crazy muthafucka. How can so many people hate you when you're providing so much more entertainment and food for thought (popcorn is food) than the average celebrity. I probably shouldn't be saying this in public, but I am seriously considering attempting to write about book about the guy. There's no subject I am more inspired to write about and there is easily no subject I am more qualified to cover. I'll probably name it Enter The Starfish.

I have proven scientifically, beyond a reasonable doubt, that my CD collection is awesome. Check out The Freelance Mentalists to learn how I know, and how you can find out if yours is too.

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