Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The new White Stripes is good and all, Rock Hasn't Left, but on the bus, where the music was reduced to cymbal crashes and barely audible yelping, what was really making my day was the liner notes.

your morning can go however you want it. no one owes you breakfast for example. no one owes you a ride. and you know damn well you could walk there if you wanted to. and you know too that you could have what you need. to give is true and admirable too, but to be taken from is loss and and totally false. imagine that you are being taken from. what faith is tested? what hope is wuthering? what angel was persecuted who worked so hard at something never to achieve it? prove it to me. and what child who was innocent was pushed to the ground never to get up again? where's he/she at right now? where's a starbucks when you need one? am i in destiny, am i in my kitchen? you're the book dammit, you are the morning. don't deny yourself with this duty-woman! don't damn yourself with a painted smile on skull-man! put it on the table. and don't deny it. whatever it is. do yourself a favor and breathe real, get it? funny, we're all still here man. nobody left and it's odd because the more you deny it, the funnier it gets.

That's less than a quarter of the spiel. This is how you reward people who buy the liners, folks. Pics are great too.

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