Wednesday, June 22, 2005

31. Ying Yang Twins, “Wait”

"The thing about 'Wait,' " he added, "instead of being high in our voice, we just whisper. You can't always holla at every lady you talk to. Every lady you talk to is not a hoodrat. Every lady you talk is not a whore, they not all bitches — some women are women. To get a woman's attention, you have to be an adult. To step to a female and whisper to her would be more attractive than trying to make a point out loud and being in a crowd." ( - these opinions are not necessarily shared by the cut'n'paster currently laughing his ass off)

32. David Banner feat. Mr. Magic & Lil Boosie, "I Ain't Got Nothin'"

Tough shit!

33. Eels, “Hey Man (Now You’re Really Livin’)”

Not totally sure if he changed or if I did, but as I haven't had the urge to buy any Tom Waits, it's probably him.

34. Lil Jon feat. Usher & Ludacris, “Lovers & Friends”


35. Spoon “I Turn My Camera On”

In hopes that its popularity will reach karaoke-bar heights. I do a mean falsetto.

36. Missy Elliott feat. Ciara, “Lose Control”

Please tell your lovers & friends that Missy and Ciara had to do it again.

37. Jason Mraz, "Wordplay"

I want to write a book called Glib White Males: Kill Us Now and Jason Mraz wants to be in it.

38. Lindsay Lohan, "First"

Rips off "Half-Life" by Local H, whose video featured a demolition derby, and Ashlee Simpson's "La La," whose video featured an exuberant, marginally talented celebrity. Her video has both so you gotta figure its twice as good. It also has Herbie so it might even be better than that.

39. Basement Jaxx, “Oh My Gosh”

"Still" "got" "it."

40. Good Charlotte, “We Believe”

Sums up everything I like about Christianity, including the occasional Edge guitar riff.

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