Thursday, June 09, 2005

The best American rock album of 2005 has been in out in the UK since February and won't be out here until the fall, if then. If Warner Bros. doesn't put out Senor Smoke this year I'm going to flip out like some Fiona Apple fan and start buying placards.

I've put these realplayer links up before, but anyhow, here are the Electric Six's five no. 1 hits on the modern rock chart of my mind:

"Rock'n'Roll Evacuation"

"The Future Is In The Future"

"Future Boys"

"Be My Dark Angel"

"Dance Epidemic"

"Bite Me" only made it to no. 3. "Radio Ga Ga" hit no. 19 based solely on airplay. No promotion whatsoever. The neurons are flabbergasted. Lots of top 40 crossover action too! "Future Is In The Future (All Night)" was big! "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" big!

I'm spending months working on my Senor Smoke piece for Stylus. Months. Every sentence, every parenthetical statement, every hyphenated adjective will be carefully sculpted into a critical piece worthy of the album. The Michelangelo's David of webzinery. It's gonna fucking GLOW, people.

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