Friday, June 17, 2005

Al and Nathalie pegged me for a meme (it's pronounced "meh-MEE," right?) and as I'm killing a healthy bit of time before I catch the bus, I'll handle it now.

Total volume of music files on my computer: it was 22.1 GB when I did this meme in lj-land back in May. I'll see how its changed when I get back home tonight. It's probably heftier, as I've been a burnin' fiend lately. I must suck every bit of good music out of State College before I split.

The last CD I bought: went to AKA Records with my friend Dave yesterday and bought Sugar Ray's 14:59, Enrique Iglesias' 7, Usher's 8701, Wu-Tang Clan's The W and Mountain Goats' The Coroner's Gambit. They always have used pop/hip-hop for cheap and I picked up the Goats album to fuck with the clerk (plus I want it, but still).

Song playing right now: NO SONG IS PLAYING RIGHT NOW. The batteries on my discman burnt out yesterday just as soon as I'd discovered that Iglesias' "Free" steals the riff from "The Joker." I'm picking some up on the way to the bus station. 7 is damn good, you know. Possibly even more Banderasian than Escape. Where is Enrique? We need Enrique!

Five songs I listen to a lot these days:
1. Queens Of The Stone Age, "I Never Came"
2. Spoon, "Was It You"
3. Wipers, "Over The Edge"
4. Electric Six, "Electric Demons In Love"
5. Natalie, "Goin' Crazy"

I'm passing it on to:

update: the current volume is now 22.8 and it turns out Thomas hit me up for this thing too. Flattered!

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