Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Listen to Usher's "Burn" immediately before Frankie J's new single "How To Deal" for one hell of a laugh. I guess I should be proud my favorite single of last year has been jacked this blatantly by someone following up a top 5 hit. Same co-author, it turns out, Mr. Bryan Michael Cox. I sure hope Frankie scrunches his fist and face in the video. That's how we know he means it.

I'm headed up to Philly for a few days, checking out apartments, hanging out with pals and looking for a cheap used copy of Confessions: Special Edition. When I get back I'm gonna reveal my favorite albums and singles of this year so far (it's what we do, people). Will I be forced to admit my top 20 includes a critblog fave I've been dissing on ILX or will I find enough superior albums beforehand to knock it off? Soon you'll know the SHOCKING truth!

In my absence, please enjoy six faces you will not see on my Favorite 50 Singles Of The Year So Far (Hooray!) list:

Ok, Howie might sneak on.

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