Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm not sure how I feel about "Girlfight" - it's a real mess of female POV and male gaze, which you think would make it really noteworthy and impressive, but I have to wonder if Lil Jon's the one who came up with Brooke's take. God, is there anything that muppet won't turn into burlesque? It really does seem like crunk Cabaret sometimes (hate me for suggesting Lil Jon in Joel Grey garb? you should). I am glad Big Boi's rap has something to do with the lyrical content, even if Brooke evidently didn't hear what he just called her. I'm so tired of guest raps in R&B songs where the guy just pops in to remind us that he's awesome. Can you think of other cases where the cameo makes thematic sense? I'm sure there's more than a few, but the only one coming to mind is when Ma$e reveals that he's the one whose love comes all over Mariah like honey.

Must go vomit now.

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