Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm way too pessimistic to ever make it as a booster, plus my descriptions usually aren't the kind bands want to hear - "You're like Weezer to Les Savy Fav's Pavement! That's a compliment, dude!" But I'm happy to announce that Trouble Everyday's upcoming itunes-only EP (Sympathy) features three songs as tense and catchy as those on Days Vs. Nights, the only album I've ever had Stylus make Album Of The Week (though Bumblebeez 81 deserved it too - another undesired reference, I'd suck at P.R.). First time I saw them they played to two dozen in a bar in State College, second time they were opening for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on a pier in Philly. It's Shea Stadium in two years opening for Good Charlotte, I tells ya - damn, did it again. So here's my classy blurb:

"That part of a Les Savy Fav track you can sing along with, that one song they’re always playing on the college radio station, that one number that gets everybody jumping a little higher than everything else. It’s as if they’re trying to make Chairs Missing push like Pink Flag, distilling a quarter century of innovation and exploration into a sonic rush that any adolescent could appreciate."

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