Saturday, August 21, 2004

Those CD-Rs I said were going out last Monday are going out this Monday. Moving craziness and whatnot.

"Don't Be Scared" by A.R.E. Weapons should qualify as crunk.

The a capella CD-R mix I got from Tofu Hut came real handy two nights ago, when I need to listen to SOMETHING but winced at the thought of having to deal with the weight of instruments. It was wonderful to have everyone from Tom Waits and Odetta to Ol' Dirty Bastard singing unaccompanied lullabiess (though that one ten minute track is a bit much).

I've also been listening to an MBV live bootleg a lot lately. I'm curious how they got their guitars to sound like they were melting in that setting. The infamous D-chord destruction on "You Made Me Realise" doesn't feature actual music as far as I could tell (TV on the fritz for 3 minutes, um, yay) but otherwise this stuff is stellar.

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