Saturday, August 14, 2004

Thanks in large part to Evan from Texas, the amount of CD-R's I've gotten in the mail recently has become ungodly (Polyrock! "Seven Deadly Finns!" "Losing My Edge"!). Good thing its predetermined how I'm returning the favor to everyone (a bunch more Fall comps head for the post office Monday), since the LAST thing on my mind these days is forcing my own musical discoveries on people. I'm too busy basking in the awesomeness of all of yours. I plan to celebrate these things more fully eventually but for now I'd just like to say THANK YOU FOR THIS PILE OF COOL SHIT, ALL OF YOU. This will not be the last post of effusive gratitude. There's more on the way and I haven't listened at least 75% of the stuff I've already gotten.

Last night I heard an Australian rapper announce he gets the shits. What have I done to deserve this good fortune?

I flippantly described VH1 Classic videos on the net, that's what!

Starship, "We Built This City": My friend Rob considers this The Worst Piece Of Shit Ever, and I think its a valid choice. This song is why I don't sympathize with "We Didn't Start The Fire."

Starship, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now": This song is why I don't sympathize with the Jefferson Airplane Behind The Music. This video is why, despite hearing he's a nice guy who married his college sweetheart 20 years after their first date yadda yadda, I kind of wish pain on Andrew McCarthy.

I'm glad Mickey Thomas is available for parties. He'd make a great pinata.

Joan Jett, "Cherry Bomb": I, for one, support an increase of women in rock. Why? ASK MY BONER. Women should be in bands, writing, recording, performing, producing, engineering, etc. and men should be willing vessels for their lust, happy just to watch, lift amps and give them money. It's what God intended.

Joan Jett, "I Love Rock'n'Roll": Oh, if only I could sneer "It's all the same!" like that guy from the Blackhearts. I assume Joan always turns to face her drummer so that she can give us a good look at her ass. This video is so fucking hot. Anthony loves him some FOXY! OW!

Bruce Springsteen, "Dancing In The Dark": I assume Bruce always turns to face his drummer so that he can give us a good look at his ass (or maybe he's giving Max, who does appear to be looking everywhere but straight ahead, a reprieve from its pert majesty). Bruce is an overlooked synth-pop giant, which doesn't really bother me because he's overrated in every other department. Imagine how TV history would have been altered if he picked one of Courtney Cox's friends to dance instead. She was the talentless lynchpin that held that show together.

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