Thursday, August 26, 2004

Courtesy of rockcriticsdaily (courtesy of radioweissblog), a hysterical transcript from Sarah Hepola of an Usher teleconference.

Usher: And as a child, I said to my grandmother, "You know, one day I'm going to own one of these Krispy Kremes. I've got to make some money," you know?

Q: And so when you're on the road, do you get to indulge in some Krispy Kremes?

Usher: No.

Q: No?

Usher: No.

Further reaffirming I'd probably throw my notebook at him if I was in the same room, Jim DeRogatis inexplicably tries to bring up R. Kelly's extracurricular shenanigans while in the House Of Usher. While I respect Jimmy D giving that infamous video evidence to the cops (a crime is a crime and should be punished), the dude needs to SHUT UP about it already. I know you're not afraid to ask Yellowcard the hard questions, dude. We all do.

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