Monday, August 23, 2004

Me telling the F-Ups to F-off in Stylus. My god, where has all the great pop-punk gone? Man, do I need to check out Yellowcard for a fix? All my heroes and heroines of 2002, we need you. Supposedly the Donnas, Good Charlotte and All-American Rejects should be releasing albums later in the year or at the beginning of 2005. Desaparecidos was supposed to have a new album, Payola, out already except Denver Dalley's really excited to do his Conor-free Statistics thing (which I can't be arsed to check out) and Conor wants to do some more Rolling Thunder Revue tours and some CSN shows with M. Ward and that guy from My Morning Jacket who sounds like Neil Young doing a Baby Jessica McClure imitation. I can see why he'd been inspired to overcompensate, but two Bright Eyes albums doesn't not equal one Desaparecidos album, sorry.

And Kelly Osbourne, whose Shut Up! still sounds as great as it did when it came out...I have no idea if we'll ever hear from you again, and whether or not what we hear will be as good without the same collaborators. I keep my fingers crossed.

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