Friday, August 13, 2004

I don't know for sure if this is what I originally planned for no. 9 on that top ten of 2004 (so far), but currently its Hot Fuss by The Killers (actually the MGs are now no. 9 and this is no. 10 but wtf-ever).

Some observations we can make based on the ten albums I'm endorsing (Nellie McKay, Trouble Everyday, Bumblebeez 81, The Streets, I Am The WTC, Hives, the Talk, Franz Ferdinand, Mountain Goats and the Killers in case you're too lazy to scroll down).

1) While anxious nu-wave is the sound of the year (more drama for your Bananarama!), I'd clearly trade it all to spend two hours with a smart, funny, talented girl.

2) I like me some white rap (Shifty wuz robbed!).

3) If I can imagine your bass player wiggles his butt while making pouty-faces you get points. If I can imagine the band dressed like Paul Revere & The Raiders you get points. If you got all kinds of crazy shit coming out of your mouth, you get points.

4) In 2002 I voted mainly for pop-punk, which means all I've learned in the last two years is that dancing is good.

5) Somebody's frustrated. Ironically detached from that frustration, too.

6) Interpol and the Fever have a good chance of getting on this thing once I finally get my hands on copies.

One thing we should NOT assume from the relative homogenity here is that I'm poo-pooing all the other genres out there, claiming there were no classics to be found elsewhere, etc. I am not a rich man. I will not have broadband until September. I get most of my album exposure from the college radio station. Just because I heard a R&B song on the radio so good it makes my top 5 singles of the year doesn't mean I'm gonna drop 16 bucks for the whole magilla (though I might break down and pick up that Mario Winans album - the two-star review in Blender got me all excited to hear some emo slow jams). These are my FAVORITE albums of WHAT I HEARD, not the pinnacle of all recorded music in 2004. In fact in 2002 Nellie McKay would probably barely make the top 5.

In December I tend to go on a big shopping spree, buying some of the interesting stuff people raved about in their top 10s so I can hear 'em before P'n'J. Between that and the increased net audio exposure this thing might go through a BIG turnover. But for now, shake that ache!

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