Monday, August 16, 2004

I'm in the middle of moving to my new apartment, so posts may or may not be a little sparse for a couple days.

Me doing my damndest to make people check out Trouble Everyday in Stylus. If google isn't failing me, this might be the first review of their album on the web outside of Philadelphia. I really hope it's not the last. I found some article about them that namedrops Les Baton Rouge and The Hells as being friends with the group. This is kind of eerie, since I've been listening to those bands a lot too. Man, AND they've played with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs AND they've played in State College (for the listening pleasure of two dozen overwhelmingly indifferent people! And one guy standing boggle-eyed and slackjawed! Me!). I have to assume there's some svengali with a cigar who decided that the key to getting these guys some buzz was to coddle the tastes of a part-time critic/part-time library clerk in central PA best known for being the only guy over 21 who thinks Good Charlotte is awesome.

Here's two mp3's from their site, "Kids" and "Days Vs. Nights". If I could recommend one relatively unknown band for the hype machine, these guys would be it.

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