Sunday, August 29, 2004

Of all the crazy-ass Canibus lyrics in existence, I believe my favorite is "Master Thesis." I'm under the impression his constipated voice hinders the power of his words (I've yet to hear it myself), but on paper this stuff feels like a moon-by-moon voyage across the solar system and back.

They cooked on symmetrical stoves
with my logo etched above the hole where they inserted the coal
And they barbecued birds to the bone
They burned incense in a Buckminster Fuller type dome
I talked to Mr. Fuller over the phone
and he said he had a contract to rebuild Rome
said he didn't want to do it alone
I told him I was busy writing poems
but I'll think about going

in the same track he mentions getting into Nigerian jazz after seeing K-Pax, going to school with Dr. Scholls in '86 and "boos [turning] into applause" while "in the studio with James Lipton." Respect.

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