Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Just made a CD-R for the aforementioned little sister, who's in town this week. The last CD-R she gave me featured Alex Chilton, TV On The Radio, Jay-Z, Korn, Usher, Throwing Muses, Matmos, Abigail Grush, Wrathchild and Gillian Welch among others, so don't assume this is some stereotypical "music education" older brother shit. These days it's just a chance for us to share the music we're enjoying with each other. Thanks to the New England education she's getting, her canon has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years (she's listening to OPERA now, wtf. crazy).

Black Sabbath, "Sweet Leaf"
Cult, "She Sells Sanctuary"
Drive Like Jehu, "New Unison"
Missy Elliott, "I'm Really Hot"
Fleetwood Mac, "Everywhere"
Galaxie 500, "Tell Me"
Joy Division, "Transmission"
Kitchens Of Distinction, "Mainly Mornings"
Les Savy Fav, "Our Coastal Hymn"
Grant McLennan, "Simone And Perry"
Nas, "Star Wars"
Placebo, "Special Needs"
Sonic Youth, "Schizophrenia"
Turbonegro, "Get It On"
Verlaines, "Heavy 33"
Mario Winans feat. Enya & P. Diddy, "I Don't Wanna Know"
Your Enemies Friends, "Back Of A Taxi"

My options were limited since I try not to repeat bands and I've been giving her tapes for about six years, but I think this tracklisting actually does a good job of conveying the sounds I've been enjoying lately. I'm going to be making her at least two CD-Rs from the stuff y'all have been sending me.

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