Sunday, August 08, 2004

Remember when I said that you should read The Original Soundtrack so you might learn something? If you haven't already, start now. While everybody else is engaging in in-house semantic debates, Geeta Dayal is the only person writing about "experimental" music I know of who actually makes what she enjoys sound enticing and worthwhile, using descriptive abilities and references far beyond those offered by the usual blinkered genre freaks. There aren't a lot of writers who can make me feel like I'm missing out if I ignore their faves, so rah.

Since I'm near-broke and without access to all that techno/noise/NY/Wire stuff, I'll just keep watching VH1 Classic. But when I get my hands on some broadband, WATCH OUT.

Human League, "The Lebanon": If it makes Oakey feel any better, I don't quite understand Bono's popularity either (though it probably has something to do with prancing about the stage and not looking like you just wet 'em). These droids totally figured out The Edge though, for the guitars on this track are TEH AWESOME.

Talk Talk, "Such A Shame": Mark Hollis is an ugly, ugly man. Taped out of curiousity. Regretted. As that transparent die floating above the band symbolizes, this is the chance we take when taping VH1 Classic.

Talk Talk, "Talk Talk": Apologies to all you new age freaks, but I wouldn't have minded if somebody threw Hollis off a cliff after this hit. The band has some nifty new age do's and duds (love the drummer's ponytail) and the song's subject (the net variation would be "Post Post") is truly worthy of Hollis's frightening facial contortions.

John Lennon, "Jealous Guy": I always forget to include this song in my 100 Favorite Songs Of All Time, and it belongs in the top 10. So artful, concise and pure that I kind of get kind of annoyed by his brief improvs during the final chorus (though I can see why he felt they were necessary). A sentimental favorite that captures how I feel about every genuine regret in my life. Big shout-out to Claire for giving me Elliott Smith's live cover. Now I can listen to the song without having to stare at a lot of Lennon iconography.

John Lennon, "I'm Losing You": The reason I don't own a copy of the original "Jealous Guy" on CD is that, to be honest, I enjoy very few post-Pepper's songs by any Beatle, even my heads-above-the-pack fave. This track, which I'm assuming was a demo or something, would sound like weak Cheap Trick even if Bun E. Carlos and Rick Neilsen weren't in the video (though seeing Tony Levin in Rick Petersson's place is ew ew ew). Are there ANY Lennon videos that don't feature him and Yoko rolling around? For once can't they separate the art from the mythos?

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