Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sitting in restaurants, thought we were so grown up

#33) Lil' Wayne, "Lollipop"
I can't imagine why "A Milli" is the official Great Lil' Wayne Song Of 2008. I'd happily trade its - I dunno, purity? - for the licks and giggles on the most slavering slice of autotune I heard this year. And for those who think it's short on stream-of-consciousness puns, notice that "that pussy in my mouth got me lost for words" is a variation on "cat got your tongue." The chorus references two of Robert Christgau's favorite singles of 2005, which were probably two of your least. I was pretty into one of them.

#34) Kate Nash, "Merry Happy"
Plunking on her piano and multi-tracking her voice into absurdity until she's ok with being single again. Nash is of those faux-cockney, possibly upper-class female (it's always female) singers I hear I should be offended by on principle, but I'm not. I'd hate to have to toss every '90s alt-rock album from California for the same reason.

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