Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Change my number, switch my cards up

#17) Trina, "I'm Single Again"
Angry, defiant, hurt, cynical, dismissive, confused, contemptuous, flip, nostalgic, frank, hysterical, resentful, so over it. Moments as withering and humiliatingly self-aware as the rebuke "You fell in love with my ass, King Magazine, you fell in love with my ass" are reminscent of the best Kanye West and shame the "vulnerability" of his worst. Almost makes me wish this was an answer track.

#18) Pitbull feat. Lil' Jon, "Krazy"
Instead of the usual salacious (and always welcome) come-ons, Pitbull uses this stereotypical (and always welcome) Lil Jon crowd-filler to ponder the unponderables. "Kanye no style, J Lo no ass, Fifty no beef, Jay Z no cash...Iraq no war, U.S no Bush, Cuba no Castro, Atlanta no cush..." Having provided this mental gristle, he invites women of all races to go batshit on the dancefloor. Krazy like a fox.

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