Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How does it feel to be the shit and the urine?

#31) T.I. feat. Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne & Kanye West, "Swagga Like Us"
Four probably past-prime rappers dominating the charts by default reaffirm their bragging rights over wheedly synths - I shouldn't even be able to remember this track. But the synths pay slightly slack tribute to early DMX, and the competition inspires West to rap with energy while Jay and Weezy briefly express casual confidence - all good looks. T.I. overprepares, remains the workaday hustler of bromides while doing so. Love the hook.

#32) Ne-Yo, "Closer"
I may have sickened on his Smokey-meets-Lloyd Dobler, but there's plenty of fun to be gained from his Michael Jackson. Not that his exclamations of fear don't sound like a genre exercise. Unless commercial considerations keep him from chasing his muse, I'm worried this gentleman will soon be defined by his masochistic concept of romantic respect.

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