Friday, December 12, 2008

But I don't need a cent, 'cause shorty priceless

#27) Lloyd feat. Lil' Wayne, "Girls All Around The World"
Apparently too effervescent for anyone to bother purchasing, or maybe there was one too many Wayne tracks around the month it was pushed. "For What It's Worth" was another airy summer jam that underwhelmed the marketplace - maybe this track will have the shelf life it deserves.

#28) Danity Kane, "Damaged"
I always think I'm overrating this track, that maybe it should switch places with Beyonce - something with a little more meat to it. So I'll just steal a slice of Frank Kogan's: "I'm genuinely thrilled by the way the Danitys' baroquely show-offy harmonies and polyphonies work in the supposedly slutty context. Quite beautiful, the harmony floating in blobs and then voices adding intricate little cries on the side." Tasty!

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