Monday, December 22, 2008

Look what I can do with my feet

#7) Chris Brown, "Forever"
This song is not a Doublemint ad. Brown was recording one when Polow Da Don's Wonder-esque keyb-harmonica inspired him to free associate visionary gibberish about love, dancing and "moving at the speed of light into eternity" on the corporate dollar (I refuse to believe that even Chris Brown could write "We've only got one dance forever" on paper...or I dunno, his Blackberry). Proof positive that these zombie children of the damned don't see commercial considerations as any kind of artistic impediment.

#8) Nine Inch Nails, "Discipline"
Ironies abound as Trent drops his most commercial jam yet after saying goodbye to the majors. Lyrical message: he can't survive without your stern guidance. Musical message: Trent didn't become an INXS fan for Jimmy Iovine's sake. Only question: is he saying "I need your discipline...Jewwww!" in the coda? Is this alt-rock's "They Don't Care About Us" or is he reaching out (returning?) to the faith?

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