Wednesday, December 14, 2005

9. The Darkness, One Way Ticket To Hell And Back

Download: "Girlfriend"
Irrelevant factoid I left out of my upcoming review: hiring Roy Thomas Baker to flesh out your sound on the terrific but commercially unsuccessful follow-up to your US breakthrough is totally what Local H did with Pack Up The Cats.

10. Kelly Osbourne, Sleeping In The Nothing

Download: "Suburbia"
Less affecting and unified than Shut Up!, but this still has more charisma and hooks than any of her more successful celebrity-first musical peers. If her stylistic left-turns continue, she'll rip off Lady Sovereign in 2008 and score her first US gold record with "Grimin'! (feat. Crazy Frog)"

11. Beastie Boys, Solid Gold Hits

Download: Oh, please.
In a world glutted with filler-loaded, near-worthless best-ofs, only one group successfully managed to hide their true batting average. In a world where people are high enough to revere Check Your Head, this may go unappreciated.

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