Thursday, December 15, 2005

6. Queens Of The Stone Age, Lullabies To Paralyze

Download: "Broken Box"
Michael Daddino on "Broken Box": "What kind of guy mumbles 'I love you, man' right before he says 'THAT'S ONE THING YOU CAN FOR-FUCKING-GET' and then seals his kiss-off with a dance in the rain? (Yeah, that'll show 'em.) A guy who sings in falsetto. A guy who wears black nail polish. A guy who does the T. Rex stomp. His mixed signals are so sexy." Aside from two slogs in the middle, I'd say this goes for the whole album.

7. Brakes, Give Blood

Download: "Heard About Your Band"
In the 60s, many artists filled out their b-sides with goofy filler and covers of subcultural touchstones, wrapping things up in under 45 minutes. The second half of Give Blood proves through example that indie bands should bring this practice back. I wish more albums were this slight.

8. R. Kelly, TP3.Reloaded

Download: "Sex Weed"
An "F" for genuinely successful seduction, perhaps, but this is the most ridiculously and consistently entertaining Kelly full-length to date. And were people having sex to "It Seems Like You're Ready" either?

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