Monday, December 12, 2005

15. Stephen Malkmus, Face The Truth

Download: "Freeze The Saints"
Our Robyn Hitchcock is better than Britain's, and Stephen's rhythm section is better than Pavement's - which really matters when he wants to play slow. It's great to see an alt-icon from my youth age gracefully without being boring.

16. Trina, The Glamorest Life

Download: "Da Club (feat. Mannie Fresh)"
I wish there weren't so many guest rappers, but this album is still Trina's and still refreshing. Attempted by lesser rappers, Trina's archetype could be pretty foul, but she straddles (ahem) her contradictions with skill. I'm sharing "Da Club" in honor of 2004's The Mind Of Mannie Fresh, which is totally making my pazz'n'jop ballot.

17. Moby, Hotel

Download: "Slipping Away"
A vision of MOR I can totally get behind, merging contradictory impulses of robotic placidity and earnest emotion, new wave and new age. Showy artistry would only get in the way. Oh my god, maybe he is a visionary! Just not the one his fans wanted (good thing I wasn't one).

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