Saturday, December 03, 2005

36. My Chemical Romance, "Helena"

Keith and I left during this when we caught them at Warped so we could beat the rush. Turning away from the stage, I saw all these kids who knew every word, singing along. Unlike most occurences of this in emo-punk-whatever, I was totally sympathetic. "Helena" would have made me cry and air-barre chord at 16.

37. Nivea feat. Lil Jon & Youngbloodz, "Okay"

I wish Jon would skip the "you scared" shit and stick to asstrax and cutesypoo.

38. Nine Inch Nails, "Only"

Keep it danceable and I won't care if you ever grow up, Trent.

39. Low, "Monkey"

My face when I found out I liked a song by Low!

40. Interpol, "Evil"

I'm amazed Paul Banks can do this kind of haughty, crypto-sexual claptrap so well during his awkward years.

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