Tuesday, December 13, 2005

12. Missy Elliott, The Cookbook

Download: "We Run This"
I must confess: This Is Not A Test! is the first Missy album I ever bought. While I can't speak about her earlier full-lengths, which I'll get around to hearing once I borrow them from my housemate, I know I liked that one and like this one even more. I hope she can keep the same ol' same ol' fresh long enough to merit a Star Time, and I have a hard time imagining anyone else who could.

13. Turbonegro, Party Animals

Download: "City Of Satan"
It's funny that they had Keith Morris sing on an original track named "Wasted Again," but you don't have to know shit about Black Flag to enjoy it. My third (maybe fourth or fifth depending on how Eddyesque your definition is) favorite pop-metal album of the year, a fact that makes me incredibly happy.

14. Pitbull, Money Is STILL A Major Issue

Download: "Oh No He Didn't (feat. Cubo)"
A month or so ago, I made a "Featuring Ludacris" CD-R for some friends, sharing some of my favorite guest spots of his, from "Stop Trippin'" to "Oh." The licensing must be a chore, but I'm glad to see they're making these remix/collabo comps for real. I've never tired of his hits and the new tracks have me excited for El Mariel, out in '06. Pitbull is a busy man.

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