Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Kaoru: Is there a single word that could describe Señor Smoke?
Dick: "The future."

TTIKTDA posted three tracks from the new Electric Six album (looks like it might be import only for a while! BOO!). Despite having countless albums I need to listen to, I can't stop double-clicking on "Future Is In The Future." It may be a rewrite of "Synthesizer," but "Synthesizer" was my favorite song of 2003 so hey hey hey.

Can't sit down, cuz I'm a dancer
And you know that I'm the answer
Dive slow, dive fast now
Cuz it's never gonna last now

We'll karaoke all night long
We'll macarena till the break of dawn
We'll drive around till the morning light
All night, all night, all night, all night

The other two tracks are great too. I boogie in anticipation.

There are great rarities on E6's site, including an apocalyptic acoustic ballad. Listen to them make something fun out of Peaches' "Rock Show"! Listen to Peaches' unsurprisingly weak version of "Gay Bar" (or don't)! Gawd, they rule.

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