Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I knew I enjoyed the singles from their latest album, but Dan on ILX said that Thomas had finally learned how to sing, so I assumed that those early inescapables would still sound rank if I came across them again. Yesterday, I heard both "Push" and "Real World" for the first time in years.

I am a Matchbox 20 fan.

I don't ever want to look at the guys, mind you, I just enjoy hearing their songs while doing errands. The ol' honky donkey makes even more sense when I've been suffering from a cold for a week. I've got a duh-zeeze, it's 3 A.M., I must be lonely but I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell, I wish the real world would just stop hasslin' me and if you're gone maybe it's time you come awn home so I could take you for granted, and I will, and I will. I reaffirmed yesterday that the Mats' Let It Be is my favorite album of all time and the line between Westerberg and Thomas seems pretty small right now. At least with this cold making my brain even screwier than usual. Plus he's got an attractive, kind wife who lets him talk about their sexcapades in Blender. I feel he has something to teach me.

They don't have a hits comp yet, dammit. It's not like I want to explore album tracks.

Ten successful musical artists I DO NOT ENJOY IN THE SLIGHTEST:
1. James Taylor
2. Joni Mitchell
3. Styx
4. New Found Glory
5. Simple Plan
6. Ja Rule
7. Three Days Grace
8. Frank Zappa (his autobiography is amusing, though)
9. Supertramp
10. Chris Cornell (anything I've enjoyed about Soundgarden or Audioslave came from the other dudes in the band, like Tom Morello's woop-woop-woop solo on "Like A Stone")

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