Wednesday, February 16, 2005

in the bathtub rubba-dubbin' (SHAWTY)

Off to N.Y. tomorrow to celebrate some birthdays, see lots of people and find out what happens when bloggers stop being chair-bound and start being real. Curious what everyone will think of my "Discovery is to Human After All what fart is to poop" hypothesis. Anybody who doesn't want to hear it should blame Maura, whose idea it was for me to show up in the first place. People who don't know the b-day boyz but know me can say hi at this party on Saturday, where I'll probably be dancing up a storm.

Daddy Yankee's "Gasolina" remix with Lil Jon, Pitbull and NORE reaffirms my suspicion that I will never tire of Jon's voice. The aggro "you scared" tracks can grate but the "yeah"'s and "culo"'s and "skeet"'s and "hey"'s still send me into an appreciative giggle overload. I finally heard "Lovers & Friends" in a radio context yesterday. The pop station played it in full, but the "urban" one took out Jon's verse, reducing his presence to an echoed hey or three bracketing the track. I wonder how inexplicable that would be for someone that never heard the full thing. I was annoyed when Puffy, Dupri and Timbaland did this shit but I want Jon to say howdy on everybody's club hit. Dude's King Midas.

50 Cent has three top ten singles this week. I hear his jaw hit the floor when he found out. Still haven't heard "Disco Inferno."

How the hell did 3 Doors Down debut at no. 1? Would it kill them to release another song like "Kryptonite"? Its modest shuffle sounds like "Walk Like An Egyptian" compared to everything since. Brian McKnight just got his highest chart debut too. I want to assume this blanditry is a backlash against bonkers Grammy medleys.

Back on Monday.

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