Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I've enjoyed every Britney single since "Toxic," if not "Boys." "Do Somethin'" is no exception. This is noteworthy because, save "I'm A Slave 4 U," I never been into anything she's released beforehand. The jury's still out on "Me Against The Music," but I bet I can get into it in the context of an album rather than as a video (though I love the Sbarro product placement). I'm buying In The Zaown if I find it cheap - gotta hear that Ying Yang Twins collabo. I love what a shrill little oddball she's become. Again, I said enjoyed. Only "Toxic" and "Everytime" strike me as, like, classics.

Scott started an Ask Anthony Miccio thread on ILX. Flattering!

In five years I'm guessing there's going to be enough goofy-ass American Idol hits to make a dynamite comp. So far we've got "Invisible," "Since U Been Gone," "Sorry 2004," "She Bangs" and "8th World Wonder," which just blindsided me on Launch. That song is naaaaasty. I don't think "Truth Is" qualifies, but I'm sure Fantasia will drop something bananas soon enough. I've only heard thirty seconds of Justin Guarini's "Inner Child" and it's a keeper: "My inner child has got me in the mood...Oh baby, get ready, I'm coming into you. Oh yeah..."

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