Sunday, February 27, 2005

"I think it's going to be very different from 'I'm Not Okay.' It's not funny at all. The best way to describe the video is 'very sad and celebratory, upsetting and uplifting at the same time.' It was a risk, but we've always taken risks. And this video is the biggest risk we've ever taken." - Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, shitting out of his mouth.

HELENA. I'm embarassed how much I love this video. Am I 16?

Good Charlotte and Simple Plan are going on tour together. I'm not happy. Again, am I 16? I need to try really hard to have an opinion about Richard Bruckner. Or maybe M Ward. QOTSA's "Little Sister" has totally grown on me, though the solo at the end runs the puny-yet-badass joke thin. I wish the new Bright Eyes video looked like the Frankie J video, Conor doing third rate Usher moves into the camera and making out with some girl in a limo. Screw the Hallmark crap, sell the dude!

I want to be the guy who designs stickers for Victory Records: "It's like Bach meets Fugazi with a touch of Marvin Gaye! For fans of MALL-GRIME and WEEZERCORE!" I could totally do it.

I should be writing some "real reviews" but I'm busy googling for stills from videos I watch constantly. I need a shot of Brandon Flowers and Eric Roberts playing checkers as my desktop image. I'm procrastinating. Apologies.

I put a little something up on Freelance Mentalists Friday. Anybody heard any of these songs? Any good? Besides Gillette, of course.

And now, your moment of zen.

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