Sunday, July 11, 2004

So here's the deal. If you send me a mixtape or a mix CD-R or something else awesome, I'll send you the tentatively titled Mark E. Smith And Your Granny Playing Bongos: 20th Century Fall 2CD-R Fall compilation I've made. It consists entirely of songs not found on the new 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong 2CD release on Beggars Banquet. It's not in chronological order, since I think its more fun to realize how anything - even your granny playing bongos, as he once noted - is the Fall if Mark's around.

1) The N.W.R.A. (live)
2) Wrong Place, Right Time
3) I'm A Mummy
4) Fit And Working Again
5) Bingo Masters Breakout
6) Shoulder Pads #1
7) Birmingham School Of Business School
8) Sons Of Temperance
9) Life Just Bounces
10) Disney’s Dream Debased
11) Frenz
12) Rebellious Jukebox
13) Dice Man
14) Garden
15) Oh! Brother
16) Spinetrak
17) The Container Drivers
18) Stepping Out
19) Strychnine

1) Couldn’t Get Ahead
2) Before The Moon Falls
3) Dresden Dolls
4) Look, Know
5) Everything Hurtz
6) Wings
7) Sleep Debt Snatches
8) My New House
9) Words Of Expectation
10) I Feel Voxish
11) Paint-Work
12) Mere Psued Mag. Ed (live)
13) That Man (live)
14) The Steak Place
15) Hey! Student
16) Winter (live)

If you send me TWO CD-Rs or mixtapes, you get a special bonus THIRD disc of Fall goodies!

1) Frightened
2) Pay Your Rates
3) I’m Frank
4) Fantastic Life
5) Copped It
6) He Pep!
7) No Xmas For John Quays
8) Lost In Music
9) Room To Live
10) Bill Is Dead
11) Muzorewi’s Daughter (live)
12) Antidotes
13) Various Times
14) Reckoning
15) Birthday Song
16) Jawbone And The Air-Rifle
17) Leave The Capitol
18) Cab It Up!
19) Louie Louie (live)

Comprehensive as fuck, yo. Anybody curious about these folks would be a fool not to submit. Plus you get to subject me to your own sounds of choice. And I promise to listen to it. E-mail away!

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