Wednesday, July 07, 2004

And yet again even more Anthony-approved Billboard hits.

Franz Ferdinand, "Take Me Out": LEFT! LEFT! LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT! LEFT! LEFT! LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT! Can I just say how great it is that the hipsters are getting on the radio because of danceability and blatant sex appeal? It's the anti-nineties! It's NEW WAVE, baby! I'm lovin' it!

Van Halen, "It's About Time": The classic rock version of "Ch-Ch-Check It Out." I can't be a stickler about slippage when fogeys sound this enthusiastic.

Hilary Duff and her older sister, "Our Lips Are Sealed": ok, it's not on the charts up today, but it probably will be next week. They don't sound like they have an idea what they're singing about, but I'm amused that the teen-pop version actually rocks harder than either the Go-Go's or Fun Boy Three. I don't think you could really fuck this number up anyway.

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