Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Yeah, I'm from the illest part of the Western Hemisphere
So if you into sight seein', don't visit there
It's somewhere between Jersey and Delaware"

Game Theory has some fine beats, but even if I didn't live in south Philadelphia (in a neighborhood that's not unlike the original Wicker Man redone by the cast of Copland), I don't think I could get over that couplet. Black Thought is quite possibly the lamest bragger in rap, the embodiment of this town's Napoleon syndrome. "The Dalai Lama Of The Microphone"? What, powerless, boring and loved by college students? Until the Roots drop a concept album about cheating (the only topic that seems to remotely inspire BT) or replace this albatross (seriously, a rap group whose drummer is more famous than their vocalist? A rap group whose drummer is more quotable than their vocalist?), everybody's going to interview Ringo and remember nothing but the guest vocal hook.